Assignment Reflection

For this assignment, my group and I chose to create a video as our digital artefact. For this, we created a short video in which we looked into the usage of social media, largely within a student-aged sample size.

My own personal contribution to this pertained to 4 main aspects to the assignment. While all of us worked together on the organisation of the presentation given and the editing of the artefact, my singular contribution was research of the topic and the referencing and bibliography of the assignment as a whole.

In terms of the editing of the video used as our artefact, we each had access to the shared editing software where we collaboratively worked to put together the clips of interviews and stock footage. The entire process was fun yet difficult as we all attempted to agree on what parts of the footage to keep and what parts to cut in order to keep the video at the required length.

For the research aspect of the project, I looked into past research done on social media usage and the level of usage in a similar age group to our own sample. I then compared the results of these papers to the findings of our own findings gotten throughout the interviewing process.